What’s the Value of My House?

Ready to list your home but left asking yourself “What’s the value of my house?” You’re not alone. Luckily, there are lots of different ways to help understand how much your house might be worth on the market. With GoodMove, we’re ready to help you find out how much money you can get for your home on the market- or, alternatively, how much money you could make when you sell your property to a great cash for homes buyer like GoodMove.

Chat With an Estate Agent For Prices

One place to start looking for home prices is with a licensed estate agent. They know exactly how much your home should be worth, because it’s their job to help people sell homes. Many people actually sell their homes through restate agents, and it looks like that typically works- but if your house is in poor condition, has already been on the market for a long time, or you need to sell it fast, estate agents aren’t always your best option as you ask yourself “What’s the value of my house?”. Instead, they may not give you a solid sense of what it’s worth. They could even overprice it just to come out with higher commission fees. The real downside is that sitting on the market for too long with an estate agent could actually damage the value of your house.

Consult Online Home-Pricing Services

The internet is your friend when you’re selling your home. Many online services to help you price a home exist, and many of them are reliable. Zoopla is one of the UK’s leading home-estimator services, and it’s even free! These pricing calculators draw from a variety of sources, and definitely know how much houses like yours and in your neighbourhood are selling for. However, they can be a little untrustworthy, because of the wide areas they cover. Don’t make an online number your be-all end-all for your home’s price- instead, take it into consideration as you continue to look at other sources.

Compare Your Home To Others On The Market

There’s nothing that’s a better prediction of your home’s value like the homes around you! Your neighbourhood is often made of homes like yours, and it’s a great place to draw pricing inspiration when you want to sell your home. If you don’t live near homes like yours, it’s a good idea to broaden your scopes and look out across the country to see how properties like yours are selling. Don’t expect to get the same price when selling as you bought the house for, though, because the market changes almost as often as the days.

Know How To Sell Your Home

You never have to sell your home on the open market. Instead, you’ve got a lot of different options to suit different situations! If you’re confident that you can sell your home quickly and easily even without a cash buyer, you can look to an estate agent. Just be warned that they’ll often overprice your home in order to get a larger commission, and they can easily eat into your funds with showings and listings. If you want to sell your home in as-is condition for less money than you’d get with a realtor, your best bet is selling with a great cash buyer like GoodMove. With GoodMove, your sale will never drop because of a money problem or the condition of your home. If you’re behind on your mortgage, though, and need to sell a home for less than it’s worth, talk to your lender about a short sale, and see if that option is right for you.

Selling With A Cash Buyer

Most of the time, a cash buyer is the right choice for your home, no matter what the value is. With GoodMove, you can sell any home quickly and easily, no matter its price. We buy houses in as-is condition with minimal upkeep and, oftentimes, a better price than you’d get on the open market. We’re always quick to help you through the sale, and we’re always willing to help you get rid of a problem house. GoodMove is the best option for when you’re not sure how much your home is worth- talk to one of our representatives, and we can help you find out how much money your home can bring you.

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