Lahore Sky Mall : Why Good Project to Invest

Lahore Sky Mall, the latest endeavor by OZ Developers, promises to redefine lifestyles and communities. This is other mega project by OZ Developers has garnered attention for its strategic location, unique features, and international collaborations. Let’s dive into the intricate details of this architectural marvel launching on January 20.

  1. Introduction

Overview of Lahore Sky Mall

Lahore Sky Mall isn’t just a structure; it’s a complete lifestyle and community meticulously crafted by OZ Developers. With the stamp of LDA approval, it stands as a symbol of sophistication and modern living.

Significance of the Project

As the second venture of OZ Developers, Lahore Sky Mall is set to reshape the landscape of Main Boulevard Ferozpur Road, offering a new standard in urban living.

Key Details: Launch Date and Location

Scheduled to launch on January 20, the mall is strategically located opposite Grand Avenue with direct access from Gajumatta Interchange Rind Road.

  1. OZ Developers: Crafting a Lifestyle and Community

Brief Overview of OZ Developers

OZ Developers, known for their commitment to excellence, brings their expertise to Lahore Sky Mall after a successful first project. Their signature touch ensures a blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Lahore Sky Mall as the 2nd Project

Following the success of their initial project, OZ Developers have set the bar higher with Lahore Sky Mall, showcasing their dedication to creating spaces that resonate with a modern lifestyle.

LDA Approval and 4 Years Installment Plan

With LDA approval, Lahore Sky Mall offers a 4 Years Installment Plan, making luxury and comfort accessible to a broader audience.

III. Location Advantage

Strategic Location on Ferozpur Road

The mall’s location on Main Boulevard Ferozpur Road adds a touch of convenience, making it a hub for business, leisure, and residence.

Accessibility from Gajumatta Interchange Rind Road

Direct access from Gajumatta Interchange Rind Road ensures that Lahore Sky Mall is seamlessly connected to major arteries, enhancing its accessibility and appeal.

  1. Project Specifications

Total Land Area: 73 Kanal

Sprawled across 73 Kanal, Lahore Sky Mall stands as a testament to grandeur and innovation, offering a vast canvas for a multifaceted development.

Unique Features: Cantilever Design, Block Design, and Elevation

The mall’s architecture is a fusion of cantilever design, block design, and elevation, creating a visual spectacle that mirrors the cosmopolitan lifestyle it promises.

Collaboration with International Experts

Setting new benchmarks, Lahore Sky Mall brings together a structure engineer based in Dubai and design consultants from an Australian firm. This international collaboration ensures a world-class design and construction.

  1. Tower-wise Details

Main Tower (20 Kanal)

The main tower is an architectural masterpiece spanning 20 Kanal, boasting a first-of-its-kind feature in Pakistan – Direct Factory Outlets (DFO). This addition adds a unique shopping experience, elevating the mall’s appeal.

Parking Facilities: 3 Basement and 11 Kanal Outside

Addressing one of the primary concerns of urban development, Lahore Sky Mall provides extensive parking with 3 basement levels and an additional 11 Kanal of outside parking space.

  1. Block-wise Design

1st Block: Commercial Shops & Mall

Dedicated to retail therapy, the first block houses commercial shops and a mall, creating a vibrant space for shopping enthusiasts.

2nd Block: Offices with Rooftop Terrace

For professionals seeking a productive yet scenic work environment, the second block offers offices with a 2.5 Kanal rooftop terrace.

3rd Block: Residential Apartments with Rooftop Terrace

The third block caters to those who aspire for a residential haven, providing apartments with a 2 Kanal rooftop terrace for relaxation.

4th Block: Apartments and Penthouses with Huge Terrace

Luxury reaches its pinnacle in the fourth block, offering apartments and penthouses with expansive terraces, creating a haven for residents.

VII. Rooftop Amenities

Extensive 9 Kanal Rooftop Terrace

A highlight of Lahore Sky Mall is the expansive 9 Kanal rooftop terrace, offering a plethora of amenities – commercial shops, food court, play area, grocery stores, gym, spa, sauna, play ground, swimming pool, jogging tracks, and medical facilities.

Varied Offerings

The rooftop area is a microcosm of a modern city, ensuring that residents and visitors alike have access to every convenience within the confines of Lahore Sky Mall.

VIII. Design Excellence

Emphasis on Architectural Ingenuity

Lahore Sky Mall stands out not just for its scale but also for its emphasis on architectural brilliance. The collaboration with international experts manifests in the careful design details and structural integrity.

Dubai-Based Structure Engineer and Australian Design Consultant

The involvement of a Dubai-based structure engineer and an Australian design consultant adds a global touch to Lahore Sky Mall, ensuring that it adheres to international standards of quality and aesthetics.

  1. References and Further Exploration

Reference Site:

For those intrigued and desiring more information, the official website offers a comprehensive insight into Lahore Sky Mall’s features and offerings.

  1. Conclusion

Summarizing the Key Highlights

In conclusion, Lahore Sky Mall is not just a mall; it’s a lifestyle destination. From its innovative design to the diverse offerings, it’s poised to become a landmark in Lahore’s urban landscape.

Excitement for Lahore Sky Mall

As the launch date approaches, anticipation builds for Lahore Sky Mall to open its doors and redefine the concept of shopping, working, and living in Lahore.

  1. FAQs

What is the unique selling point of Lahore Sky Mall?

Lahore Sky Mall’s unique selling point lies in its combination of modern design, international collaborations, and a diverse range of amenities, making it a one-of-a-kind destination.

How can one avail the 4 Years Installment Plan?

To avail of the 4 Years Installment Plan, interested individuals can contact the developers directly through their official channels or visit the sales office.

What are the main amenities provided in the rooftop area?

The rooftop area boasts a wide array of amenities, including commercial shops, a food court, play area, grocery stores, gym, spa, sauna, play ground, swimming pool, jogging tracks, and medical facilities.

Who are the international experts involved in the project?

Lahore Sky Mall collaborates with a Dubai-based structure engineer and an Australian design consultant, bringing global expertise to the local landscape.

Can you elaborate on the significance of DFO in the Main Tower?

The inclusion of Direct Factory Outlets (DFO) in the Main Tower introduces a unique shopping experience, allowing shoppers to access products directly from manufacturers, ensuring quality and authenticity.