What Is The Best Screen Facade For Your Building?

Having a beautiful and functional facade is essential for many buildings, but how do you know the best screen facade? This article will discuss Metal screen facades, Double-skin facades, and LED video screens. These screen facades can be custom-made to fit any architectural situation or decorative screen design. So whether you want a screen to inform and educate or display advertising or information, DSD can provide you with a screen that is the perfect fit for your building.

Architectural screen facades

Historically, architectural screen facades have been made from wooden panels, but more recently, the use of screens has been increasingly popular. A screen facade can transform the experience of entering a space. A great example is the Lafayette Headquarters project in Shantou, China, which combines textile manufacturing with showrooms and offices. In this project, unique tiles are used in a double-screen facade. They clean the air around them and act as an energy-efficient cladding.

Aside from their aesthetic qualities, screen facades are also highly customizable. The screen can be printed directly onto the membrane for advertising or branding. Screen facades can be fashioned into 3D shapes as well. For example, cable-edged membranes coupled with projection arms can produce fin-like structures. Additionally, angles and negative spaces can help to create a unique visual experience. Some companies, such as PFEIFER Structures, are working on kinetic tensile structures that can be applied as a facade.

Metal screen facades

A striking exterior statement and a distinctive interior aesthetic are just a few of the benefits of metal screen facades. They provide the same level of protection against the elements that other facades offer while contributing to a building’s aesthetic. Perforated bronze anodized aluminum panels, for example, allow sunlight to play in your library. And thanks to their operability, they are a great way to let in plenty of the sun and create movement in space.

The metal mesh facade materials are available in different densities and sizes. The crimped variety is stronger than the flat mesh and is generally less transparent. There are also two types of mesh, woven wire, and flat wire. Conveyor belt mesh is made of round or flat wire. Conveyor belt mesh is made of flat or spiral wire. Decorative metal mesh facades can also be made from stainless steel, copper, bronze, and brass.

LED video screens

LED video screens on screen facades have become a popular way to display advertisements, news, and more on buildings. The new technologies used to display this content include Mediamesh, an aluminum mesh covering, and the LED video wall. These video walls can be applied to the front of a building with 12-centimeter spacing between rows. In addition, these displays are transparent so that people can see the live image even in daylight.

In addition to its media and advertising potential, LED glass is an increasingly popular material for screen facades. This material can be seen through but does have some limitations. For example, images are best viewed from a distance. These screens are most common in Asia, where they can be seen in shopping mall lobbies, as self-standing structures for a brand, and on advertising billboards. However, some people worry that the LED glass could distract drivers in big cities.

Double-skin facades

A double-skin screen facade has many advantages. For example, the interior temperature of a building can be easily regulated by employees. Moreover, double-skin facades are known to reduce electricity costs and HVAC performance. Another benefit of double-skin screen facades is the sound control, resulting in a distraction-free working environment. However, the double-skin facades require extensive installation and maintenance procedures, which may be prohibitive for some buildings.

Moreover, this double-skin screen facade reduces energy consumption and promotes sustainable development. The technology of this facade system is derived from Europe and can be used in different climate zones. This facade system also reduces glare, which results in improved comfort for occupants. It also allows natural light to penetrate and provides shading from direct sunlight. A variety of color and finish options are available for double-skin facades. Moreover, the material can be customized with Pic Perf, offering a long lifespan.