Why should I buy an extended appliance warranty?

Homeowners today have a wide range of appliances, such as the stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, washer and dryer, and more, in their homes All of these appliances will eventually become worn, and can stop working from normal wear and tear, mechanical breakdowns, and age. This can disrupt a home, particularly if the problem requires an expensive repair or replacement.  For this reason, more homeowners are looking for financial protection that goes beyond the manufacturer’s warranty term limit. One of the best ways to continue coverage of an appliance is to purchase an extended appliance warranty offered by a reputable home warranty company.

What is a Manufacturer’s Warranty?

A manufacturer’s warranty is an agreement that is included with the purchase of an appliance, and it comes with an expiration date. A manufacturer’s warranty is the company’s promise to make any repairs or replace defective parts within a specified time period. The period can vary, such as 6 months, a year, or more, depending on the appliance.  After the term limit, warranty coverage for the appliance will end.

Extended Appliance Warranty for Continued Coverage

When the manufacturer’s warranty period has expired for an appliance, homeowners must decide whether they should get additional coverage, or take a risk of an expensive appliance breakdown which can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars. An extended appliance warranty is the ideal solution for those who want peace of mind, and are on a tight budget. This warranty plan provides coverage against loss or failure of the particular appliance due to normal wear and tear, mechanical breakdown and age of the appliance.

An extended appliance warranty is offered by a home warranty provider. It is an agreement that is purchased by the homeowner and designed to serve as an extra layer of protection once the manufacturer’s warranty expires. This warranty provides coverage from unexpected breakdown costs that fall within the terms and conditions of the extended appliance warranty plan. Most manufacturers offer warranties between one to three years after the purchase date. However, home warranty companies offer extended warranties for appliances that are no longer covered by manufacturer’s warranty. There are even home warranty providers offering extended appliance warranties which customers can keep for as long as they want, as long as they keep paying the monthly premiums.

Extended appliance warranties are  less expensive since these warranties cover individual appliances. Coverage applies to an individual appliance so homeowners pay for the specific coverage they need. Prices will vary, depending on appliances being covered and the warranty provider’s terms and conditions. With an extended appliance warranty, your appliances will be  covered regardless of age or brand. For homeowners who want to ensure longer financial protection of an appliance, an extended appliance warranty is the ideal solution. This warranty plan provides homeowners with peace of mind knowing an important appliance is covered in the event of a sudden breakdown.