Real Estate Agents – How to List Commercial Property The correct way

A real estate agent registered a commercial property should undertake a detailed property inspection before giving an indication of price or rent to an owner or owner. In this way, can they really know what the property is all about; This is what the positive and negative aspects that the property can create as an investment.

Each property is different and for this simple reason, it paid a form of checklist to execute when you listed the commercial property. The inspection will change depending on whether the property must be for sale or for the lease, but here are some of the key problems you would like to know in the list of goods for sale.

Property of the property with the split due to property ownership

Decision makers for the property

Details of the location and plan survey plans

Details of property improvements

Details of all leases and occupancy documents that apply to assize tenants

Detail of the tenant’s contact for access to other inspections

Details of the rental paid at present and how this is documented

Vacancy factors and areas that will soon become vacant

Details of expenses to execute the property today and over the last 3 years (in this way, you can check how the property has completed)

Orders and opinions that could have been issued on the property and remain outstanding

Questions relating to current negotiations in leases for additional conditions or modified rental situations

Details of existing rental incentives provided to tenants currently and who remain active for the future

Access arrangements for persons and vehicles entering and distant from the property

Any charge, privations and interests of other properties in the region and may affect the property of the subject

Services and amenities that serve the region and property

Factors of energy consumption and energy

Environmental factors that are up-to-date or could affect the use of the property

Heritage issues that can affect the property
The list does not end here, but it is a good summary of the main elements that apply in an inspection of the property. One of these items could have problems with an impact on the price of the property. It is important to note that you find the problems before your price and list a property.

When you have the properly documented property, the sale and any lease trading are much easier. Most buyers today will undertake their own due diligence in the sales and settlement process. Make sure you find the problems before the buyer can answer all the correct ready answers.