Secrets of precious real estate investment

If you own, you are a real estate investor, you have taken the long-term vision and invested in the future of your family. In this guide, you will learn how many real estate professionals do not want you to know.

We would all like to have a holiday home or retire in a country with a breathtaking climate and a breathtaking landscape, but realize this dream can be difficult; Especially if it involves investing your nest egg, you have worked so hard to grow. However, you can significantly reduce your risk with a small patience and willingness to look for the market.

How to strengthen your investment opportunities

You do not need masters in economics to realize that there are indicators that can determine the viability of a real estate investment. First, you must look at the region or country you want to invest. At this point, several questions must be answered.

Does the local economy increase – the government invests in the region or large companies that grow growth through expansion?
How did real estate prices change in the last 5 years, have they moved, if so, what was their previous peak?
Policy, has legislation been adopted which makes it easier or more difficult to buy, sell or develop goods?
You can find this information online; At this point, Google is your biggest ally. Online newspapers, real estate investment blogs and forums often cover recent developments in the real estate market and the economy. Once you have answered these questions as much detail as possible, you can start producing an overall image of the attraction of an investment.

Your research can help you make the right investment decision. For example, the EU and the Portuguese government have recently invested billions in Portugal’s transport infrastructure. This level of investment indicates not only the potential of the country’s economy, but will also make it possible to transport them to goods and services, making it a focus on economic growth, which means more jobs and a stronger economy. Not only has this Portugal strengthened its planning authorizations for real estate developments reinforcing the trust and the best demand for ownership compared to many neighbors.

In addition, many foreign real estate investors, especially the United Kingdom, are currently choosing Portugal on other countries such as Spain, due to its proximity to just over 2 hours and a half of Heathrow, it is A ideal weekend retirement or a holiday home for British real estate investors. Indicators such as these provide investors with information on economic stability and future growth, which can have a positive effect on the real estate market

Resources for your research Great Resource This site provides information on the economy of EU countries, such as unemployment rates, which constitute a good indicator of economic health as well as insightful articles on Economic conditions discover what properties sold in a certain area, useful if you want to know if the property you look is a good price
UPMYSTREET.COM: Good source of finding local crime rates, academic performance and board tax expenses
How to calculate your return on investment

If you want to invest in a purchase to allow the property worth 90,000 £ and you subscribe a mortgage with an £ 18,000 deposit, this means that the lender has lent you 80% of the value and you have invested a deposit of 20 %. If, after 12 months, the value of the property increases at £ 100,000, it means that you have achieved £ 10,000, it is equal to an increase of 11% value, which is already 56% of your investment of 18 000 000 £. This is one of the basic methods of investors used to calculate the return on investment of a property.