Professional Tree Transplanting: A Guide For Property Owners!

Like many property owners, you are probably fond of trees that have grown in your yard over the years. If you are moving to a new relocation, or a tree has outgrown its current area, you can consider relocation and moving, instead of simply cutting down the tree. Each time we save a tree, we are taking a step towards reducing environmental concerns, so do not think of this as a minor step. There are companies that offer professional tree transplanting in the US, and they can get your trees transplanted and relocated between properties, states, and even countries. In this post, we are sharing a few details that property owners need to know.

Planning the process

  • First and foremost, it is important that you can only relocate and remove a tree in the dormant season. When the tree is full of leaves and fruits, it needs continuous access to resources and water from the soil, and removing the roots at this point can cause a massive shock, which the tree may not survive.
  • Find a good service. There are many tree moving services, but find one with experience and expertise. Check how they complete the process of relocation, and the steps taken to minimize the impact of moving on a tree. They should be licensed, insured, and no matter how many trees you are moving, do ask for a detailed estimate in advance, with relevant terms & conditions.

  • Ask about prep work. The tree will lose a considerable part of the entire roots during the process, so it must be hydrated and prepped before the actual work begins. Tree moving services will take necessary steps in this regard. Once uprooting is done, the crown of the tree must be tied up, so that the branches and limbs don’t get damaged during the course of movement.

Many companies take extra steps to wrap the tree, which prevents damage caused by wind. Also, once the transplantation is done, the tree must be watered immediately. The survival of the tree depends how it is treated after relocation. Also, your tree moving service may have a few dos and don’ts to share, do take those seriously and ensure that you get the tree checked by an expert.

Check online now to find more tree movers, and do ask about the process. In most cases, special hydraulic equipment and spades are used for uprooting the tree.