Is The Condo Lifestyle For You – Let’s Find Out.

We all work hard, and many of us don’t get to leave our office until late in the evening, and then we have a long commute home. By the time we get there, we are exhausted, and we just want to quickly grab something to eat, and then go to bed. This is no life to lead, and it could all change, if you make the right decision, and invest in a property that is much closer to the city centre. The days of commuting for hours on end will stop, and you will be at your place of work in less than 30 minutes. I am, of course, talking about investing in a condominium, and when you do, your life, and the life of your family, will change for the better.

The popularity of condominiums is growing all the time, and places like the Estelle Phrom Phong (known as ดิ เอสเทลล์ พร้อมพงษ์ in Thai), are being snapped up, quicker than they are being built. Contractors are finding it difficult to keep up with the demand, because of the many benefits that the condo lifestyle offers. Here are some of those benefits.

  1. Less maintenance & less expenditure – When you live in a house, there is so much ongoing maintenance to do, but it seems a day doesn’t go by, without you having to fix something. The beauty about a condominium lifestyle, is that if there are any maintenance issues, then there is someone there to do the job for you. All you have to do is pay monthly utility fees, and the total cost is shared by all of the people who live in the same building as you. This reduces your costs, and then you get to live in a location that is constantly maintained, and is incredibly clean. 
  1. It’s much more affordable – When you think of the cost of buying a home with land around it, in the inner city, or even on the outskirts of the city, you’re looking at an expensive proposition, and it is very likely you will spend most of your working life, just paying off the mortgage. Condominiums are much more affordable to buy, and they hold their value exceptionally well. If you do decide to move out of the city when you retire, then your property will have grown in value significantly, and you can retire in luxury, living of the proceedings of the sale.  

Hopefully, these two reasons will have convinced you of the benefits of investing in a luxury condominium, right there in the heart of the city. People are finding that the condo lifestyle is definitely for them, so what about you.