Things To Know About Luxury Apartments in Mumbai

Who doesn’t want to live in a beautiful home that offers all the comforts one can dream of? With a variety of luxury homes from various developers in Mumbai, finding such a home can be simple. However, narrowing down on the home of your dreams will call for some hard work!

Here, you can start by making a checklist of your expectations which will certainly help you seek out only the properties that meet your needs. Is buying a luxury apartment in a city like Mumbai any different than buying a regular apartment? The answer is yes, and that is why here is a list of things to check before buying a house in India.

Take time to look for a house

Searching for a house should never be a hassled and hurried task since this is a huge investment and other than being solely your decision, your family’s opinions will also matter. The size and the design of the apartment will matter since every family member needs their privacy. If you have teenage kids, they will need their own space. If you do not find a suitable house in the initial stages, continue the search instead of settling for whatever you see first. That way, once you move in, you’ll have no regrets.

Prioritise the need for luxury amenities

A luxury residential development is sure to come with its luxury amenities but those may not be the same as what you are looking for. For many homebuyers, having a smart home that is managed by artificial intelligence matters more than a swimming pool or a basketball court.

Luxury homes from renowned developers also ensure that you enjoy a view of your surroundings and are connected to nature and greenery. If your checklist matches these requirements, then you can plan ahead and go for an apartment from such a developer.

Many residential developments in and around Mumbai, such as Piramal Vaikunth in Thane by Piramal Realty, not only offer thoughtfully-designed luxury apartments but also a well-developed social ecosystem for the community to thrive.

Look for a well-connected locality

In the last few months since COVID-19, and the recent movement and reopening of public spaces, you will want to consider the commute time from your new home to your office, considering the traffic situation.

When going through your checklist, find out if the development is connected not only to the major roads, highways, and the nearest railway and metro stations but also to healthcare centres, shopping malls, and educational institutions.

In a city like Mumbai, residential projects by well-known developers are located close to the railways and the highways which makes commuting convenient.

Avoid depending only on images

The websites of real-estate developers will be replete with attractive images of the property, the amenities as well as the surrounding areas. But this is not the only deciding factor for you. Before you buy the house, you have to make a practical approach.

For example, there should be some space between the living room and private spaces like the bedroom. And this is possible if you can visit the property and take a look at some sample flats. This will also help you get a clear idea of how spacious the apartment is – something that you cannot figure out from website images.


Finding the home of your dreams will definitely take some hard work but that does not mean you compromise on your needs. Think big and always look out for more than just a living space, look for a living experience!