The Hallmarks of a Good Baltimore City Property Manager: What makes them tick?

Since its establishment as an independent city back in 1851, Baltimore city has expanded into the largest indie city in the United States. It also holds the distinction of being the largest city in Maryland, with an estimated population north of 575,000. And that means the business of housing, work and living accommodations is critical, which makes the role of Baltimore city property management important.

Why Work as a Property Manager?

If you ask a Baltimore city property manager why he or she does their job, you’ll be surprised to hear no one listing “great pay!” as the top reason. Most property managers have an innate sense of helping people – and that’s why they’re in the business. By connecting tenants with properties, and looking after those properties as if it was their own home, these individuals contribute to the health, happiness and wellbeing of everyone living, working in or visiting the properties they manage.

But what kinds of individuals gravitate to property management? How do these individuals accomplish what they do? What traits and skills do they possess, that makes them who they are? What really makes Baltimore property managers “tick”? There are so many questions. But when you address them all, you’ll find property managers to be an extremely talent, caring and professional group of people.

The Makings of a Property Manager

Well, right off the bat, lets be clear: You do not need a specific license to be a property manager! However, having a Baltimore City real estate license, issued by the Real Estate Commission of the Maryland Department of Labor, doesn’t hurt. At a very high-level, here’s what really makes property managers tick:

  • Sound knowledge of Maryland’s State law around real property and rental property
  • Exceptional communication skills – because that’s 90% of the business: Talking to people, listening to their needs, negotiating…and just being understood
  • Empathy is the ability to understand another’s point of view, and anyone working in a Baltimore city property management company will only succeed if he/she has lots of empathy
  • Networking skills are a premium in the property management business. You’ll need contractors, suppliers, landscapers and people from many other disciplines to help you manage your properties – and that’s where your networks come in
  • Technologically-savvy individuals make great property managers, because it makes their job easier, especially if involves multiple properties spread over a diverse geography

When you look for a property management professional, make sure these qualities shine through, because they are what makes the individual tick!

More than a One-person Show

Of course, Baltimore property managers aren’t a one-person show. They typically work as a team, with complementing and supplemental skills pooled together. So, if one member of the team lacks in the networking aspect, they’ll have others to step in effortlessly. That’s why, when you look for a property management company, it’s always advisable to speak with a representative and ask about the team – not just an individual. At the end of the day, property management is about balancing the interests of property owners and tenants – and the ability to do that is what makes a good property manager tick!