Luxury Real Estate Market Trends In New Zealand

Although the luxury real estate market only caters to a small pool of people, the trends here are distinct and set apart enough to change the real estate market overnight. In the past year, we have noticed some massive trends gain importance in the field of real estate. If you happen to be a newcomer and are looking for a break in the real estate market or would like to venture into luxury real estate, then make sure to read them all mentioned in this post.

They Are Selling Out Fast

One important aspect you have to keep in mind when it comes to luxury real estate is how far the cash can go. Usually, a single luxury home will be 3,400 square feet. But this again differs from place to place. There are various kinds of values across different parts of New Zealand and since several signs point towards remote work options, many have the possibility of buying while the value of the property is quite low.

Sustainable Is The Trend Now

These days people are highly interesting in building eco-friendly and green homes, and that is applicable for luxury homes too. The affluent are now moving towards a future that is zero carbon. Not just that, they want green-designs, more energy-efficient and smart homes that offer geothermal, cooling and heating, lighting and appliances that are energy-efficient, etc.

Two Kitchens Is What Everyone Wants

Believe it or not but this has become the trend too. Having just one high end kitchen is sufficient for people, especially in Wellington. People want different kinds of kitchen. One for every-day cooking and the other one that is specifically for entertaining family and friends. Some people also prefer to have set ups for some outdoor pizza baking, bars that are full service, outdoor kitchens that allow hosts to prepare beverages, food, etc.

So that was a look at the current real estate market trends in New Zealand. If you are looking for luxury real estate Wellington in NSW and need someone to help you out, trust us to do the job for you. Our team of experts have many years of experience, knowledge and the professionalism so that you can purchase your dream home without having to worry about the future. Our agents have been well-trained to suit your needs. They will do all the research, paperwork and assistance you need so that your home of having the best home comes true.