How to Use Drone Footage to Showcase your Property

Selling or leasing a property relies on great marketing, clear instructions and detail about the property and the process of buying or renting and clear photographs or video of the property that is accurate and an honest reflection of what you can expect should you live in that property. As technology has improved in recent years, there are different ways in which you can get photography of the property and property video footage that just wouldn’t have been possible a few short years ago. One way in which you can ensure a property stands out from the competition on the property market is to employ the services of a estate agent marketing team, providing you with professional photographs, stunning and accurate floor plans, energy performance certificates and even drone footage to help capture the property from all angles.

Not so long ago, the extent of the listing of a property for sale would include the dimensions and a few other details, and simple photographs of the outside and some of the inside of the home. We’ve all seen horror stories of unprofessional photographs of homes that do not flatter it in the slightest and in these cases it is incredibly hard to drum up any sort of genuine interest in a property, apart from those who are in a more desperate position and are looking for anywhere to put a roof over their heads for whatever reason they have for moving to a new property or area.

As technology has improved, especially with the reliability and technological improvement in drones, there has been an increase in the quality of property listings from estate agents and single sellers on the market place today. The first impression of a property could be the key to not only selling it but selling it well. The greater the number of people that view a property and then express an interest in seeing it in person, the better the chances of getting a good sale price on it for an estate agent. This matters all round, and that is why there has been an increase in the use of experienced and skilled estate agent marketers, with the specialist skills to showcase houses in an attractive (and accurate) light. Drone footage is one way to do this.

With the use of drones, the details and attractiveness of a property for sale open up immensely. Not only can you now see photos of the property from outside and in, but with footage from above you can get much more of a sense of the genuine scale of the property, see the standard and quality of the roof, any garden areas and outbuildings if they are present, as well as look at the potential vulnerable entry points from above, with a view to home security solutions (something all homeowners should take very seriously).

Working with professional estate agent marketing teams will help you to get the best drone footage of the exterior of a property that you are attempting to sell or lease out, as well as gain those highly professional photographs of both the exterior and the interior of the house in question. First impressions matter so much when attempting to sell a property, and it goes without saying that the higher the quality of photograph and video footage that is available to a prospective buyer, the better the chances are that an estate agent can draw up greater interest in the property and maybe see an increase in the property value as a direct result.