How To Use A Summer House During Winter

For new homeowners, summer houses can be a point of confusion. The name suggests that they are outbuildings designed solely for mid-year, seasonal enjoyment. This is not the case. In fact, summer houses are becoming increasingly popular ways for homeowners to enjoy their garden space throughout the year.

While the sun may not shine for as long and the rainfall might have you jogging from the backdoor to the summer house entrance, there are still an abundance of activities that can make use of your summer home space during the colder season, both for you and your family. For your inspiration, and to help you get the most out of your summer outbuilding, we’ve put together four ways to use a summer house during winter.

Exercise Room

Just because summer houses are often associated with relaxation, doesn’t mean they can’t also be used as a workout space for your very own home gym. In fact, converting a summer house into an exercise room during the winter is not only a great way to use the space but it will save you money on your gym membership too.

When endeavouring to exercise in your summer house, however, be sure to prepare the space for more intensive activity. The floor, for example, should be padded or reinforced to ensure that it does not become damaged during more strenuous moments.

Play Area

The summertime is perfect for letting your children enjoy the outdoors but during the winter months, this becomes more difficult. For most families, this means keeping your children indoors. However, by having a summer house, you can encourage your children to enjoy a safe, contained play area during the colder months too, one that merges both the indoors and outdoors. If your children have friends visiting, it can even be turned into a sleepover room, giving your little ones a fun place to spend the night on their own as a new adventure.

Art Studio

If you’re a creative person, you may find that being without a dedicated room, one that is free from distraction, may often stifle your creativity. Utilising a summer house as a creative space can be just the answer. Not only will its distance from the home give you the isolation your mind needs to create but its connection with your garden space and nature will hopefully help to inspire you too.

Movie Room

During the winter, you will likely want to do little else than curl up beneath a blanket and watch your favourite movies. Having a summer house and using it as your own private cinema space can be an amazing way to enjoy your favourite films without having to leave your own property!

Before you begin setting up your television screen or projector, however, be sure to purchase blackout curtains and consider soundproofing your room, or else outside distractions such as street lights, passing cars, and noisy neighbours might just compromise your enjoyment. And, if you like to watch with volume, soundproofing will also be a respectful way to protect your neighbours from hearing those loud action sequences too!