Different Types of Homes for Sale in Brisbane, Australia

You don’t have to come from the land down under to know that life in Australia is pretty darn great. In fact, Australia currently has 7.5 million migrants who call it home. Who wouldn’t want to live somewhere with fantastic weather throughout the year, a strong economy, and plenty of friendly residents?

One of the many great places to live in Australia is the coastal city of Brisbane. Want to learn more about it and the homes for sale in Brisbane, Australia? Read on for everything you need to know!

Why You Should Buy in Brisbane

There are several major cities from which to choose when you’re planning to move to Australia or purchase a vacation home there. As a result, you might be wondering what makes Brisbane stand out amongst all the others. It turns out that there are several great reasons to call Brisbane home.

Brisbane is located on the east coast of Australia and is situated just north of Australia’s famous Gold Coast. Its geographic location means that residents get to enjoy temperate weather all year long, unlike people who live in Adelaide or Melbourne. There are endless stretches of sandy beaches to relax upon and plenty of entertainment all year long.

On top of all of this, Brisbane is more affordable than other major cities, so it’s a great entry point to the Australian housing market.

Types of Housing in Brisbane

If you’re sold on living in Brisbane, you might be wondering what types of housing are available in this beautiful city. Brisbane has a diverse housing stock, with plenty of choices available for even the most discriminating buyer.

High-Rise Apartments

Brisbane is loaded with soaring high-rise apartment buildings. These apartments are among some of Brisbane’s most luxurious housing available.

High-rise apartments are generally at least ten floors tall and feature elevators and a variety of floorplans. You can purchase an efficient one-bedroom apartment or a super luxurious penthouse, depending upon your budget.

High-rise apartments are famous for having a ton of amenities available in the building to make life much more convenient. Most will have one or more pools available for exclusive use by residents. Some even include saunas, BBQ areas, and quiet reading rooms.

Low-Rise Apartments

In addition to high-rise apartments, Brisbane has a lot of low-rise apartments available for purchase.

Low-rise buildings usually only have a few floors available, and many have multiple buildings throughout an entire complex. Expect fewer elevators and more stairs to climb, but they’ll save you some money in the long. Low-rise apartments also have amenities such as pools and gyms.

You can also expect to have plenty of available parking at these complexes and won’t have to navigate a packed parking garage.

Single-Family Homes

Living in an apartment is great if you love the energy of being surrounded by people, but it might be too much for other people. If you’re someone who enjoys the privacy of a detached single-family home, then you’ll find plenty of those available in Brisbane.

Brisbane’s stock of single-family homes comes in a variety of architectural styles. The most common architectural styles include Colonials, Victorians, and Queenslanders.

Terrace House

If you want more space than an apartment, but don’t mind living close to your neighbors, then you might enjoy the charm of a terrace house.

Terrace houses are row houses that feature Victorian or Edwardian architecture with brick or stucco fronts. You’ll find many of these houses in the heart of the city.

Lots of terrace houses have been renovated to feature modern luxuries. While they don’t come with the amenities of an apartment building, their central location gives you easy access to everything Brisbane has to offer.


Looking for a home that’s a little cozier than a single-family home but with more privacy than an apartment? Then you should choose from one of Brisbane’s bungalow-style homes on the market.

Bungalow-style homes are inspired by the homes the British built in India. They are generally one story and feature sloping roofs and large porches. That gives you plenty of space to relax outside and enjoy the lovely Brisbane weather!

Modern Mansions

If your tastes are a little bit more high-end, then you won’t be disappointed by the many well-appointed modern homes available in Brisbane.

They feature gated entrances, infinity pools, and sleek modern design throughout the entire home. You’ll get the amenities of a high-rise apartment built into a single-family home with plenty of privacy. Who wouldn’t want that?!

How to Buy in Brisbane

If you’re already a resident of Australia, then buying a home in Brisbane is going to be much simpler than it is for those who are interested in moving from a different country.

Australia has a number of laws surrounding immigration and the purchase of real property in the country. People who are not residents will need to get approval to purchase property from the Foreign Investment Review Board. If you’re not planning on living in Australia full time, then you will need to buy vacant land and have your own home built.

Regardless of where you’re from, you’re going to have to work with a mortgage broker if you’re not planning on paying cash. What does a mortgage broker do? A mortgage broker helps you obtain the financing necessary for purchasing your home in Brisbane.

Are You Looking for Homes for Sale in Brisbane, Australia?

There are plenty of homes for sale in Brisbane, Australia to suit your needs. Whether you want the all-inclusive luxury of a high-rise apartment building loaded with amenities or the privacy of a modern enclave, you’ll find your ideal home here. With all of these benefits and beautiful housing available, you should totally get started on the purchase of your Australian dream home right now!

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